On my recent trip to Jaipur, India I fell in love with generational craftsmanship, watching block printing and our factory workers. I knew I wanted to pay tribbute to all the heritage that Jaipur has to offer, I just did not know how. After going through years of used block prints, and traditional body styles, I decided that I needed to make a sister brand to pay tribbute to India.

Clara the Label was made from love, in collaboration with our factory workers to build a curated collection of traditional, Indian block printing garmets that is full of rich heritage.

Our Letters from India journal will share stories about our travels to India, our insperation and most importantly our factory workers. We will highlight all parts of block printing, and our plans on giving back to the community who makes this all possible.

Read along this post to learn how Clara was built, and all the hands that touched our collection from sketch, to garmet.

Love always, Victoria Dunn



Namaste from Clara the Label, made in Jaipir, India. Clara the Label is handmade ethically ,celebrating working with Jaipur artisans and generational craftsmanship. Insperation comes from the Pink City, in Jaipur, India. Clara the Label is committed to sustainable manufacturing and ethical craftsmanship. Welcome to our Letters from India

— Victoria Dunn,


One of the things that I learnt in my time in India, was that it takes a village to get our slow fashion garmets made. The process starts with a simple sketch, which is then carved into a wooden block. Depending on the amount of colors you want your design to have, our carving artisians have to carve the block multiple different times, just to create one design for stamping.

Block printing has been around for centuries, often a craft that is passed on from generation to generation. In Jaipur specifically, they are comitted to keeping this traditional alive which so vibrantly shows in their work and their love for the traditionand hands that make garmets.

Every hand has such an important part to play to get the garmets from sketch, to finish. Each artisian is so highly talented and has devoted their career to mastering their trade. The highlight of my trip to India was watching them carve my designs onto blocks, and seeing those blocks then used to print patterns on fabric that would then be used for my garmets.

I knew after I saw it in person, I needed to bring awareness to this tradition and focus on not inventing new appraoches to block print with Clara the Label, but honouring old traditions and heritage.

Thank you for being here, and we look forward to doing our part to honour slow fashion in India, and help make a difference through cherritable donations

June 14, 2023 — Victoria Dunn