One of the most important parts of our business and operations is the team and hands behind the label. We have dedicated this blog to be an open love letter to India. I have fallen in love with your block printing, as have thousands of you reading this. I want to know each one of my team members and their stories. We should all know the hands who create our clothing. To know those who make the clothing is the true joy behind our brand.

Love Letters to Jaipur  

Meet Gaurev,

An Jaipur native who belongs to an artisian family, which is fourth generation in the block printing and factory community. He has traveled to various countries and showcased his craft which in turn has generated business for the associate block printing units.

Gaurev was awarded by UNESO award of excellece in handicraft in 2018 and helps over 100+ familys earn a living wage in Jaipiur.

Back in February 2022, I had the privillage of meeting him in person after 2 years of working together. A business realtionship turned into the gift of friendship as we celebrate another sucessful partnership with Clara the Label. Gaurev is both my partner in manufacturing, and my mentor in the business.

Meet Shriram,

A Jaipur native who has been working in the industry of block printing for over 37 years. Shiriam did not taking any interest in going to school to study and had a keen interest in art and craftsmanship as a child.

He is a second-generation block printer, who learned his craft directly from his father and his uncle.

Working directly under Gaurev, Shiriam is a master block printer who prints 100-150 meters of fabric per day. He plays a huge part in our sampling process with his attention to detail, and interest in trying different colors and trades to perfect the perfect block print for Clara the Label. Shriram was patient and kind in teaching me how to block print during my time in India.


Umesh is the cutting master at our factory, he stays alone in Jaipur to provide a living for his family.

He started in the industry with no experience and studied under another cutting master for six years.

He has been as a cutting master for ten years in Jaipur and sends all his wages back to his family in UP, India. His job plays an important part in our sampling and mass production operations as he coordinates hundreds of meters of block printing in different prints to be cut into different shapes for our garments.